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UX/UI Design

Year : 2022

Duration : 12 weeks

Market : Social networking and/e-learning


As the sole UX designer on the team, I collaborated with a developer and stakeholders to create a user-centered design solution for the MVP of Readit - a book club app. The small team size allowed for effective collaboration and alignment with project objectives and business goals.


I was responsible for designing the user interface and experience for the MVP book club app. Specifically, I created the wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs for the app's core features such as the book selection process, discussion forums, and social networking features. I also worked on designing the app's information architecture, navigation system, and overall user flow to ensure a seamless user experience.


Finally, I collaborated with the developer to ensure that the designs were implemented correctly and tested the app with users to gather feedback and make necessary improvements.


Figjam, Figma

Google Forms, Dovetail

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects


  • User research insights and personas

  • User flows and task analysis

  • Low-fidelity wireframes

  • High-fidelity interactive prototypes

  • Visual design mockups for over 50 screens

  • UI animations and micro-interactions

  • Design system and style guide documentation.


This case study showcases the development of "Readit" - a book club app MVP aimed at making reading a habit. "Readit" allows users to join book clubs, access a library, and attend community meetups. The objective is to provide an engaging social feature for avid readers to discuss books, promote recommendations, and find others with similar tastes.

The UX designer worked closely with the developer and stakeholders to conduct surveys, define user segments, create wireframes, prototypes, and deliver a design system. The result is an intuitive and visually appealing app with features that encourage users to develop a reading habit in an engaging way.

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