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Print Design, Art Direction

Year : 2022

Collaborator : Ankita Chouhan

Tools : Procreate, Illustrator, InDesign

With the increased use of mobile devices, targeted content and entertainment on demand, avoiding distractions and focusing on the work at hand is the biggest challenge we need to overcome for a healthy active lifestyle. Keeping all this in mind, Chandana Mekala and Ankita Chouhan carefully crafted a Productivity Toolkit loaded with the most useful and effective tools for planning, learning, growing and helping you stay focused on your goals. 



The goal was to create a planner that would help users stay organized, manage their tasks, and increase their productivity. I started by researching existing productivity planners on the market.

I looked at the layout, structure, and features of different planners to get an idea of what was working and what wasn't. I then began to sketch out some initial ideas for the planner's layout and structure. I spent a lot of time thinking about the flow of the planner and how users would move through the different sections. The final product was a functional yet fun productivity planner that was undated for flexibility and was packed with different productivity techniques that could be applied to daily and weekly planning along with monthly habit tracking.

Book_Mockup_05 copy.png
Book_Mockup_04 copy.png


The Productivity Toolkit is a curated box of stationery designed as a gifting option (personal and corporate) to increase daily productivity. With the productivity planner at it's center, we designed supporting products that can be used on a daily basis to make the work flow of our users easier. The box came with an A5 journal - Note to Self, a set of 3 A6 pocket journals, A todo list, A brain dump list and a set of quote cards.


The "Note to Self" journal is an A5, undated and ruled journal with a minimalistic cover that prompts the user to make a note to themselves (call to action to journal). This journal was sold separately and as part of the toolkit. The book is saddle stitched with 96 pages.

Hands Holding Notebook Mockup.jpg


We designed A6 pocket journals for users to carry on the go in ruled, dot grid and plain formats. Cover design was something that we focused on - we wanted to make the journals easy to pick up and use without the users having to open the books and see what format they are in. The cover design indicates what format each book is in - for the ruled book we stuck with horizontal stripes to indicate that the book is ruled, for the grid book we made a grid cover and for the plain book, you guessed it, a plain cover. These books were sold in a set of 3 and were also sold within the box.

All books were saddle stitched with 96 pages in each. 

IMG_6979 copy.JPG


These 80 x 120 mm cards were our most successful product. Sold in a pack of 50, our quote cards were made to keep a note of quotes or phrases that people came across in books that they were reading, daily conversation or even in a TV show that they want to document and look back on.



IMG_6859 copy.JPG


This pack of two tear off note pads were designed to increase work efficiency. Our "Jot it down" note pad is for daily check lists and The "Brain Dump" note pad was made as a scribble pad to note down any fleeting thoughts or distractions that users may have while they're working (in their pomodoro time block) so that you can revisit these thoughts when on a break.


For our Christmas sale at Bangalore's infamous Soul Sante we released a line of wrapping sheets to add to our toolkit gifting option. We picked a retro theme that kept with the theme of the event and came up with a groovy pattern.



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