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I’m an architect, graphic designer and UX designer based in Atlanta, GA. I was born in Maryland and grew up in the vibrant and bustling "Silicon Valley of India" - Bangalore - where I was exposed to a rich and diverse culture both modern and steeped in tradition, the city gave me a unique and broad perspective that I carry with me in my work.


Design has always been my calling - from Architecture to UX design, I've designed spaces that people occupy and visual identities that communicate with people but I realized that I wanted to work on a more fast paced yet intimate level with people and their experiences - to study their behaviors and understand their problems, to empathize with their needs and create solutions that make their lives better. Design is a conversation. It's a conversation between users and products, a conversation between elements and functionality, a conversation between aesthetics and accessibility but most importantly, design is a conversation between history and innovation. I believe that each person has a unique conversation with a product and as a designer I thrive on tailoring these products to create intuitive and meaningful experience that improves people's lives. 

When I'm not busy doodling away solutions at a drawing board you'll find me teaching Hatha Yoga to fellow yoga enthusiasts (I'm an RYT - 300 +200 hr certified yoga teacher), hiking or crossing the next item off my bucket list (list will be provided upon request).

Architect turned Graphic + UX/UI Designer.
I strive to be a champion for my users, advocating for their needs and designing digital experiences that empower and delight them.

Hi, I'm Chandana. You can call me Chan.

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