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UX/UI Design (As part of the Memorisely UX/UI Bootcamp)

Year : 2023 (Ongoing)

Duration : 5 weeks (with 5 more weeks to go)

Market : Fintech


As a UX designer on a team of 2, I contributed to a 10 week case study focused on improving the user experience of Splitwise. During this time, we conducted extensive research to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement. Based on our findings, developed and implement solutions to improve the app's categorization and group experience flows.


As one of the UX designers on this case study, I conducted various research activities to understand the needs and pain points of our target user group which included conducting semi-structured interviews, surveys, and competitive analysis.

Based on the insights gathered from the research phase, I created user flows, wireframes, and a feature list for Splitwise that aimed to improve the categorization of expenses and accurately reflect who paid for what within a group. I also worked on the visual design and brand identity of the proposed features, ensuring that they aligned with Splitwise's existing UI while introducing improvements that were intuitive and visually appealing.


Figjam, Figma

Google Forms, Dovetail

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects


  • Estimation of design tasks on a Kanban board

  •  Qualitative Research Survey

  • Synthesis in Dovetail

  • Benchmarking, IA mapping and rapid ideation

  • Lo-fidelity wireframes


Splitwise, an expense sharing app, aims to enhance the user experience for categorizing expenses and tracking payments to increase adoption of its paid product. The target user segment is young professionals in group living situations who value efficient and transparent solutions for managing finances. To achieve this goal, the case study requires conducting research to understand their needs and ideate intuitive and transparent features to accurately reflect who paid for what within a group experience. The successful outcome should include a hi-fidelity prototype in line with Splitwise's existing UI, usability testing, and designs for a smooth developer handoff.

Readit - Book club app

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